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live music finding mobile application

Idea generation, UX documentation, user research, wireframing, UI design, promotional site prototype

The Challenge

Local Music Finder

There are quite a few music apps on the market that let users create, listen to and identify music. There are even some that help you get tickets to concerts when your favorite bands are in town. When it comes to spontaneously seeing live music, however, a good mobile app does not exist. LocalSound is every music lover’s new companion. It helps you find concerts, big or small, whenever you are in the mood to see live music. Use the music finder map to discover local artists performing at bars, restaurants or any venue around the city any day of the week.
Research + Discovery

Music Lovers

My research for this project started with the development of user personas. These helped me think about what kind of people might use the app and get into their minds right from the start. I created five different personas, each with different backgrounds and goals for using the app. These stories helped guide the rest of my design decisions on this project.


Age: 31
Location: Portland, OR
"The Social Musician"

Shawn goes to concerts as often as he can. He plays the guitar and many of his friends are musicians. When they go out together, they usually try to find some live music. Shawn is always on the hunt for new bands and show experiences in different venues. He would like an app that could show him where local artists are playing when he is out and about.


Based on my initial research, I created a list of features that users might like to see within the application.
map icon
Find Nearby Shows

See what's happening around your current location

filter icon
Filter Searches

Search by genre, venue, area, time of day or price

artist icon
Follow Artists

Read artist bios, see tour dates and follow your favorites

preview icon
Preview Music

Listen to music samples from bands before buying tickets

venue icon
See Venue Info

Read about new venues and follow your favorite spots

tickets icon
Buy Tickets

Check shows prices and secure tickets beforehand

dance icon
Dance with Friends

Invite friends by sharing show information with them

calendar icon
Fill Your Calendar

Save events and get reminded of when they're coming up

iPhone mockup
pink button

One button replaces a 3 button layout (share, add and buy) from the wireframes to narrow the user’s focus to one task - buying tickets.

share icon

The share feature is incorporated into the header as part of a secondary navigation.

add icon

Similarly, the add to favorites button becomes less prominent as an icon in the header.


Navigation between the most important features of the app is fixed to the bottom of the screen for consistently easy access.

Product Page + Prototype

Promoting the App

The product page for LocalSound promotes the app's features and functionality and provides a link for users to download the app. I created a fully-responsive prototype using Skeleton to showcase the idea. I am currently running tests to see if this could be a viable product.

localsound product page