UI/UX Design


live music finding mobile application
UI/UX Design

Gear Closet

e-commerce site offering personalized gear advice
UI/UX Design


web application for saving and sorting online content

Other Work

My graphic design background has led to my involvement in a variety of projects in areas like packaging, environmental design, posters, layout, wedding suites and calligraphy.

About me

I’ve always had a knack for computers. I’ve been creating designs on them since the third grade when I would make custom greeting cards for friends and family members. I've also always enjoyed solving computing problems, and even served as a student computer consultant in both high school and college. When I realized I could play, create and problem-solve on computers for a living, I leapt for a career in design and never looked back.

I started out as a graphic designer, dabbling in things like poster design, packaging, collateral, and environmental design. I always specialized in layout and publications, and this expertise eventually translated nicely into UI/UX work. I pride myself on my empathy skills and ability to craft user-centered interactive experiences. I'm originally from Virginia, but have lived in Oregon since 2010. I enjoy spending as much time outdoors in this beautiful state as possible!

Get in Touch

I'm currently seeking a full-time UI/UX design position in Corvallis, Oregon or with a remote team. I also occasionally do freelance projects for both print and web, so please reach out if you'd like to collaborate!

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